4 Best Platforms for Creating an Online Store For Free

In the 21st century, selling online is not a choice. You need to have a virtual shop to meet your business goal. In fact, multichannel selling is the new norm in the modern market. If you want to earn more returns, you must ensure your customers and prospects can access your products at their convenience. While this is the reality, small and upcoming businesses are finding it hard to adapt to the norm. This is because of the obvious reasons of financial constraints.

Nevertheless, this should no longer be an excuse. Creating a virtual shop is now easy. With or without cash, you have an opportunity to launch your online store using free platforms. If you have zero ideas on this, here are the top 4 platforms where you can create an online store for free:


When you think of selling online, you desire to reach out to a wide range of potential customers without any challenge. You want to have a platform that allows you to build an online shop and start selling immediately. If this is you, Ecwind is a good option. Ecwind is a leading free platform that offers you a chance to launch an online store without many hurdles. You do not need to credit or debit cards to start using it. Also, the platform allows you to sell on various marketplaces. You can integrate it with your Facebook page.

As you know, social selling is becoming a crucial idea in the e-commerce arena. Hence, Ecwind enables you to realize this dream. Furthermore, if you have a blog or an e-commerce site, you can integrate and manage them from a central point. This way, you avoid cases of overselling and stockouts which are common in many multichannel retailers. As such, Ecwind is a good idea when you think of creating an online store for free.



Online store


As you are aware, social media is no longer the place for sharing useless memes or wasting your time on directionless chats. In this era, social media is a significant marketing tool. From current evidence, it is the second largest virtual market after the search engines. Getting a platform that allows you to convert your social platforms into a selling point for free can be a miracle. If you think so, you are wrong. Spree is that platform.

This platform gives you an opportunity to create a free online store that is based on social engagement. It helps you to transform social pages to the online shop. To use it you do not need to pay any monthly fee or subscribe to any service. Another benefit is that it powers your social marketing through helping you to develop viral posts. By this, you can reach out to a wide audience and convert them into customers. Nevertheless, you do not take the whole bread home. Upon completing each transaction, you must surrender 3% of it to this platform.


The next platform for creating an online store for free is Square. Square is primarily a credit card processing platform. However, its developers realized the need for small entrepreneurs to sell online. They understand that the said webpreneurs suffer from financial constraints. As such, it opened an opportunity for them to launch an online store for free.

Square comes with an array of features to boost your startup business. Also, it has several packages of resources to guide you through the store creation and marketing of your online shop.  Hence, if you are planning to accept credit cards, Square is a good option for you.

And those are the top places to create online stores for free.

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